3 Beauty Editors Try Patrick Starrr’s New Brow Kiki Collection

Patrick Starrr is known for his bold, fluffy eyebrows, so it was only right he develop brow products of his own. Starrr’s inclusive beauty brand One/Size recently unveiled its BrowKiki collection, putting the mogul’s brow secrets in an easy-to-use lineup. Now, you might be wondering, “What is a BrowKiki?” Starrr defines the term as a party where brows are invited to express themselves.

With this collection, your brows will be able to do just that. The launch includes the Micro Brow Defining Pencil ($19), Tinted Nourishing Brow Gel ($21), and Clear Nourishing Brow Gel ($21). Starrr and his One/Size team thoughtfully developed each product to help you shape and define your brows, and we put them to the test. Did the products help us achieve Patrick Starrr-worthy arches? Scroll to read our honest reviews.

Holly Rhue, senior editor

Byrdie/Holly Rhue

The product: Clear Nourishing Brow Gel ($21)

What it is: This versatile, clear brow gel is designed to give your brows a crunch-free hold that lasts all day. In addition, it has nourishing ingredients like castor seed oil and coconut oil, which help condition and revitalize your brows.

The review: “I am so grateful to Patrick Starrr for creating this product because it’s exactly what I needed for months now. I have unruly brows, but I also haven’t been wearing makeup every day. I’ve tried filling in my brows and leaving the rest of my face bare, but it leaves me looking a bit imbalanced. This clear gel is a whole new ball game. Just a few swipes through my hairs deliver instant taming and shaping without creating a super-stiff structure. There is no crunchiness or waxy residue here—just a lovely natural taming effect. (Don’t expect this nourishing formula to lock your brows in place all day—this is recommended for minor grooming and shaping only).”

Lindsey Metrus, editorial project director

Byrdie/Lindsey Metrus

The product: Tinted Nourishing Brow Gel ($21)

What it is: Available in seven shades, this tinted brow gel lifts and feathers brows using innovative 3D fibers. The product is also infused with coconut oil and castor seed oil to nourish your brows. After swiping this through your brows, you can expect 12 hours of waterproof and smudge-proof wear.

The review: “I’m typically a pencil-only girl when it comes to my arches, but I’m much more open to using a tinted gel after trying One/Size’s Tinted Nourishing Brow Gel in Soft Brown. I love that it has castor oil to moisturize my brows and encourage healthy growth while also creating the short-term illusion of thicker brows. One note: I did still use a bit of brow pencil to fill in the sparse areas, but I enjoyed how the gel made my brows look fluffier and fuller overall.”

Olivia Hancock, associate editor

Byrdie/Olivia Hancock

The product: Micro Brow Defining Pencil ($19)

What it is: Available in seven shades, this precision tip brow pencil offers 12 hours of waterproof and smudge-proof wear. In addition, it allows you to fill in your brows with next-level hair-like strokes. Best part? The pencil contains vitamin E, so your brows are nourished and conditioned while you wear it. 

The review: “I knew Patrick Starr wouldn’t disappoint me with this brow pencil. In the past, I’ve come across brow pencils that are too waxy or too creamy. This one is just right. When I flick the pencil through my brows, it delivers the perfect amount of pigment and leaves them evenly filled in. My brow hairs are incredibly sparse at the front, and I made them look naturally fuller using this. This pencil also claims to be waterproof and smudge-proof, which many brands say but don’t actually deliver. However, I can confirm that my brows remained intact while I sweated from running errands in 90-degree weather. Bottom line: This pencil has amped up my brow routine in a major way.” 

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