50 reasons for Mauritius to fall in love with paradise country


The long coastline with clear water and fine sand, and the gentle sea breeze under the bright sun, this is Mauritius, known as the hometown of paradise. This island country formed by volcanic eruptions, with lush vegetation and surrounded by coral reefs, is not only a fertile soil for wild animals and plants to grow freely, but also a harmonious home for people to live happily.

Mauritius has reopened its borders in October 2021, and fully vaccinated international travellers are welcome to enter without quarantine. Fusion food, passionate dance, luxurious hotels, and bright starry sky, let us understand the charm of the “Eden” on earth once and for all.


1. 2200 kilometers

Mauritius is an island country in eastern Africa, but it is slightly different from what people think of Africa. Mauritius, located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, is 2,200 kilometers away from the African continent.

2. Vanilla Shikoku

Mauritius, together with Madagascar, Reunion and Seychelles, is known as the four countries of vanilla in the Indian Ocean.


3. 25℃

Here is a subtropical marine climate, only divided into rainy season and dry season, the annual average temperature is 25 ℃, it is a warm holiday paradise.


4. March 12, Mauritius National Day

On March 12, 1968, Mauritius officially broke away from British rule and declared an independent autonomous republic, ending its centuries of colonial history.

5. 1842

The Natural History Museum, built in 1842, is the oldest museum in Mauritius. It houses a series of precious specimens represented by the dodo.


6. 330 kilometers

Mauritius has a 330-kilometer coastline surrounded by coral reefs that protect the island’s turquoise blue lagoons, suitable for diving all year round.


7. 13 golf courses

There are 13 golf courses in the country, 9 of which are 18-hole golf courses.

8. 3 kinds of whales

There are three types of whales in the waters of Mauritius: humpback whales, sperm whales, and pilot whales. The probability of seeing whales here is very high. The suitable climate and good marine ecology make it one of the most suitable places for whale watching in the world.


9. Seven Color Earth Natural Park

This wonderful geological scene originates from the fact that Mauritius is an island formed by volcanic eruptions. Its soil contains a variety of metal elements, which, under the action of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide, show colorful colors under the light over time.

10. October 2021

Mauritius has reopened its borders in October 2021, and fully vaccinated international travellers are welcome to enter without quarantine. There is no need for a nucleic acid test report before departure, but only need to undergo a nucleic acid test at the airport on the day of arrival or an antigen test in a hotel, while unvaccinated passengers need to self-isolate at the accommodation for 7 days.


1. The Dodo

Mauritius is the only place in the world where dodos live, which unfortunately became extinct at the end of the 17th century. Today people still regard the dodo as one of the symbols of Mauritius.


2. The capital, Port Louis

This is the largest city in the country and a key point in the shipping lane between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Before the opening of the Suez Canal, it was a must for sailing around the Cape of Good Hope.


3. Two World Heritage Sites

The Aapravasi Ghat in Port Louis, where more than 70% of the ancestors of Mauritians landed on Mauritius, is an important testimony to the modern population composition of Mauritius.

Le Morne Brabant, in the southwest of the island, was once a refuge for runaway slaves thanks to its lush woods and cliffs.


4. Sugarcane fields

Mauritius is also known as the “Sweet Island” because Mauritius sugar cane is extremely sweet. The sugar cane is the raw material for the rum produced in Mauritius. The sugarcane industry is also the pillar economic industry of Mauritius.


5. Celebrate the Spring Festival

Mauritius is the only country in Africa that takes Spring Festival as a legal holiday.


6. The Blue Penny Museum

Named after a rare and precious two-penny blue stamp. There are commemorative stamps and postal equipment from all over the world, and the treasures of the town hall are two of the rarest stamps in the world: red penny and blue penny.

7. Inclusive food

The cuisine of Mauritius is as inclusive as its human history. It integrates multi-cultural elements such as Indian, Chinese, French, and Creole dishes.


8. Top 10 Snack Streets in the World

The street food of Port Louis has made the city one of the top ten street food cities in the world by the Daily Telegraph, and street food is everywhere in Mauritius.


9. The oldest racecourse in the southern hemisphere

The Champ de Mars in Port Louis is the oldest racecourse in the southern hemisphere, which records the horse racing culture of Mauritius originated from the British and French colonial times, and is now a famous horse racing resort in Mauritius.


10. The only national park

Black River Valley National Park is located in the southwest of Mauritius. It is an isolated wildlife paradise and the only national park in Mauritius.


1. Kodan Square

It is not only a cultural and historical attraction of Port Louis, but also a center for people to learn about local life and buy special products.


2. Cane Sugar Museum

The whole museum is like a historical documentary, which perfectly shows the historical process of sugar production in Mauritius to the visitors. The shop in the museum can also buy cane sugar in various colors as souvenirs.

3. Chinatown

The city within the city of Port Louis, which is the oldest Chinatown in Africa, is a good place to learn about the Chinese life in Mauritius, and it is also a paradise to find Chinese food.


4. Eureka Manor

Built in 1830, with the rise of the plantation economy, a manor that combines the local characteristics of Mauritius and the European colonial style also came into being. This is one of the best places to appreciate the “colonial style architecture”.


5. Central Market

This is the epitome of the local people’s market life, and has been the local economic center since the Victorian era.


6. Adelaide Castle

It is the only preserved remains of the four castle buildings in Port Louis, and it is also the highest point in the city, offering a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Port Louis.

7. Casela Natural Adventure Park

It is the most famous wildlife park in Mauritius. There are lions, tigers, leopards, tortoises, ostriches, zebras, rhinos, antelopes, giraffes and other birds and animals in the park. Known as “Kenya in miniature”, it is one of the must-see attractions for tourists on Mao Island.


8. Chamar Falls

The waterfall with the largest drop in Mauritius. Looking at it from a distance, the waterfall volleys down from the cliff, which is very spectacular.


9. Blue Bay

Blue Bay in southeastern Mauritius is a specially protected marine park and a fine-sand public beach. Here you can take a glass-bottom boat tour, and watch the colorful coral and fish on the bottom of the boat through the glass bottom of the boat, and if you are lucky, you can also see sea turtles.


10. Vanilla Crocodile Park

Once a vanilla plantation, it is now a nature reserve in Mauritius, which has been open to the public since 1985.


1. Diving

Mauritius was formed by volcanic eruptions. It has less pollution and a good environment. It can see the most beautiful appearance of the Indian Ocean. It is surrounded by corals and has active fish schools. It is one of the best diving places in the world.


2. Whale watching and dolphin watching

This is an excellent destination for watching humpback whales migrating, and the west coast is home to sperm whales, making it a great place to watch whales all year round. At the same time, cute dolphins can often be seen in the seas of Mauritius.


3. Kitesurfing

This globally popular water sport has a very sound and systematic operational foundation in Mauritius. As one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world, Mauritius hosts an international kitesurfing event every September and invites international surfing stars to join.


4. Skydiving

If you want to appreciate the majestic panorama of Mauritius, of course, the most spectacular view from a high altitude, coupled with the feeling of free fall and the excitement of the sea breeze whistling past your ears, will definitely make your heart beat faster.


5. Surfing

Tamarin Bay and Mona Hill Beach attract a large number of surfers every year. In addition, Mauritius has many bays suitable for surfing, and has hosted many international surfing events.


6. Catamaran cruise

A ship formed by fixing two ships laterally together. The deck is very open, reducing the risk of seasickness and allowing visitors to better appreciate the vastness of the open sea.


7. Sea fishing

One of the popular outdoor challenges in Mauritius, the Marlin Cup Sea Fishing Contest is also held here every December.


8. Paddle board

Activities such as kayaking or stand-up paddle boards are very popular. Generally, there will be corresponding equipment for rent in hotels, and most hotels can provide them for free.

9. Four-wheel drive

Exploring the natural beauty of Mauritius by four-wheel drive is undoubtedly one of the most innovative ways. Not only can you feel the thrill and speed of driving, but you can also fully experience the shocking nature of Mauritius.


10. Paraglider

This is a very thrilling water project. The paraglider is dragged by the speedboat on the sea to gallop in the sky. In places such as Kashima in Mauritius, you can overlook the beautiful scenery from a high-altitude paraglider.


1. Hiking

This is one of the healthiest ways to overlook the beauty of Mauritius, especially Port Louis is surrounded by mountains on three sides and there are many ways to climb and hike. There are several recommended treks in Mauritius, such as Mona Hill, Tamarin Falls, 7 Brothers Falls trek, and some central and western mountain areas.


2. Helicopter cruise

You can have a panoramic view of Mauritius.

3. Golf

In 1844, during the British rule, Mauritius became the third country to have the first golf game after the United Kingdom and India. Today, Mauritius is gradually positioning itself as a golfing paradise of choice.


4. Horse racing

Every April to October is the horse racing season in Mauritius, and the Derby, also known as the Girls Cup, is held in late August or early September. The origins of Mauritian horse racing can be traced back to June 25, 1812, and the race has never stopped for 200 years, including during the two world wars.

5. Honeymoon

Mauritius is a romantic island. If you choose to marry and spend your honeymoon here, many hotels can provide a full set of one-stop services.


6. Spa

The spas in Mauritius are world-famous, and the spas in many well-known five-star resorts have won awards. Don’t miss this good opportunity to heal your body and mind.

7. Yoga

In the beautiful morning or facing the vast sea, or hidden in the lush jungle, do a yoga to relax your body and mind, almost every hotel offers yoga classes.

8. Tea picking

Mauritius also grows tea. Follow the tea pickers to the tea gardens in Mauritius to pick and taste tea, and heal the soul through the taste buds.


9. Marathon

Every July, the Mauritius Marathon AIMS and IAAF is a sporting feast held in the most beautiful area of ​​Mauritius. Among them, the 20km southern coastline passes through the most beautiful lagoon and the most local villages in Mauritius, attracting many marathon enthusiasts to participate.

10. Cultural experience

Mauritius is culturally diverse and has many festivals. Eid al-Fitr, Holi, Shiva, Needle, Diwali, Deepavali, etc. are all very interesting and cultural festivals.

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