6 Outfits Our Fashion Editors Can’t Wait to Wear This Winter

As a fashion editor, I’m used to being asked what to wear to specific occasions or at different times of the year by friends and family. What should I wear to a wedding at a registry office? What do I pack for a city break? What shoes should I bring for a weekend in the country with my boyfriend’s parents? These are all questions my inner circle has presented me with over the past couple of months, and I’m always happy to oblige and talk shop. And the sartorial dilemma I know they’ll be asking me about next? Winter. 

Getting dressed in winter isn’t easy—it takes a lot of practice to get your outfits just right. Some people love layering, while others prefer to hone their looks to a couple of key pieces, and it can take a while to work out which category you fall into. This makes sharing advice on the subject quite tricky, as it is dependant on the person’s unique style and preferences. So I thought I’d enlist the help of my colleagues, all of whom have very different aesthetics, to show you—and any of my friends who happen to ask—what six different editors consider to be their go-to outfits for winter. I’m a visual person, so I thought this would be the best way to showcase some fashion-editor winter outfits, which will hopefully inspire your winter looks, too. 

With advice on what to wear if you don’t really like wearing jeans (if this is you, rest assured you’re not alone) to the boots everyone on our team loves, scroll on to see six fashion-editor winter outfits you might be tempted to re-create for yourself.


Fashion Editor Winter Outfits: @hannahalmassi shares her go-to winter outfit



“I switch between two very simple outfit ideas in the winter: either knitted midi dresses with boots or a jumper-and-skirt combination. I’m not one for jeans or complex layering—both feel too tricksy and difficult at 5’1” with an hourglass figure—so that cuts a few options out. A belted knit (cardigan or jumper) over a slinky skirt feels like a good way to segue into the colder weather without overheating or leaving all of my summery clothes behind. Tights and boots make the skirt more seasonally appropriate, and a cashmere jumper brings the cosiness!”

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Madeline Thompson Murren Striped Cashmere Cardigan
Madeline Thompson
Murren Striped Cashmere Cardigan
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