8 Cold-Weather Outfits That Will Bring You Joy This November

If the recent past has taught us anything, it’s that you need to squeeze as much joy as possible out of your daily activities. Right now, that probably means doing things like making your favourite dinners on repeat and lighting your favourite candle to cosy into the darker evenings. For me, it also means wearing clothing that actually makes me happy. For example, on days when my energy feels depleted, I like to reach for an oversize red cardigan that’s just as cosy as it is fun. I’m also a fan of wearing a leopard-print dress or skirt—even if I stay in all day. I looked to some of my favourite influencers to see what they’re wearing right now. Not only will these outfits battle the colder weather, but they also might give you a rush of endorphins, however small an amount that might be. 

First, there’s Scandi queen Emili Sindlev, who I spotted wearing a gorgeous ankle-length red coat, which she paired with neon-green trainers. Another one of my favourites is Ellie Delphine of Slip Into Style, who’s been wearing bright-orange accessories with a khaki coat and a pair of trousers. Then, Nnenna Echem, who is known for wearing bold prints, has made me rethink gingham as being just a summer look, as she’s worn a pair of green trousers with a shearling coat and a squidgy purply pink bag from Stand Studio. There are even more than the above if you keep scrolling. You’ll find they have something in common: All the outfits are joyful and guaranteed to make you feel better this month. 


What to wear in November



Style Notes: A red coat is guaranteed to make you smile and make any outfit more fun. Add a pair of neon sneakers to it? Why not?

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