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Barbecuing meat is an American tradition where tough cuts of meat are cooked slowly for a long time till they become tender. Barbecuing is fun when done in a large group, especially backyard, park, beach or even parking lots. Food can be cooked, shared and eaten in a casual set up. In this article, you will find some interesting BBQ menu ideas what can be shared with friends and family.

BBQ Menu—Meat


The Burgers

There is no right way to grill the perfect burger, but it is a fun and easy thing to do. Few guidelines should be followed and the grilling experience should be enjoyed.

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The Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular meats for grilling. The important points to remember when grilling chicken are how to grease the grill, the right time to start basting, the type of vessels used and how to determine if it is cooked.

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The Hot Dogs

One of the most favorite items in a BBQ party is hot dogs. Fresh sausages are made of raw meat and need to be cooked completely. If you are using cured or smoked sausages, you just need to heat them up.


The Pork

Barbecue is very region specific in the US. Things which are appealing in North Carolina may not be considered good enough in Texas, however, there is one common aspect and that is pork.

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The Fish

Fresh fish with live fire is a magical experience. You can try grilling the whole side of salmon. If you put the fish skin down and cover it while grilling, you will not require flipping it over either.

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The Shellfish

Shrimps, lobsters, crayfish and crabs are the most popular types of shellfish. Fire imparts a certain flavor to the sweet meat which is protected by the shell. Cooking them outdoors also minimizes the mess.

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The Clam

According to the New England tradition, the traditional clam bake includes building a fire, heating stones, laying seaweed and layering of shellfish, potatoes, sausages and corn. Then it is topped with more seaweed.


The Steak

Steak are not often seen in BBQ parties, but some people love having them. It takes a lot of practice and patience to master the art of grilling the perfect steak.

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