Brazilian fashion male model Michael Camiloto

Recently, the Brazilian fashion male model Michael Camiloto appeared in the new fashion magazine “The MenStyle Brasil” after many years.


Born in 1985, male model Michael Camiloto is 37 years old this year. He has returned to the fashion circle again, and his new cover is really gratifying.

I just want to say that he is really young, and no one in the fashion industry can stop him from making a comeback tonight! Someone asked where is the comeback? Of course My wildest dream!


In fact, Michael Camiloto really has a very good fashion resume. As early as 16 years ago in the spring and summer of 2006, he became a male model of Gucci GUCCI, and he became a blockbuster in the fashion circle.


In those days, he was also a show tyrant boy. He traveled around the world’s major fashion capitals, walked on the stage and became a familiar face in the fashion circle.


And sixteen years later, he still has a beautiful face, and his face is still very perfect, comparable to when he was young.


The same is true of his figure. At the age of forty, he still has no fat at all, as always.

He is the corazón in my heart!

Una píldora que calienta mi corazón.


In fact, I have always felt that Michael Camiloto’s appearance is comparable to the top Hollywood male stars, and his figure is also comparable to the top big names. He did not go to Hollywood to make a vase, which is indeed a pity in the modeling circle.


But it’s okay, because even if everyone in the world forgets him, I won’t forget him! Even if everyone stops paying attention to him, I won’t stop paying attention to him.


My short hair is for Michael Camiloto!

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