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Do Vegetarians Eat Eggs?

People who are vegetarians do not consume meat or meat products. They refrain from eating red meat, poultry, sea-food and by-products of animal slaughter. Since eggs come from chicken, it is usually a question "do vegetarians eat eggs?" In this article, you will get the answer.

Types of Vegetarians

University of San Diego states that including eggs in your vegetarian diet will depend on the type of vegetarianism being followed. There are various types of vegetarianisms and each one has unique restrictions of its own. Some of them allow eggs to be included in the diet, while some do not.


People who do not eat meat or animal flesh except fish are described as Pescatarians, which is not used very frequently. Many people are turning towards this type of diet. It acts like a stepping stone towards a completely vegetarian diet and also has health benefits because of fish inclusion.


Semi-vegetarians or "Flexitarians" are people who are flexible in the kind of food they eat. They usually restrict themselves to vegetarian diet, but on occasions have meat as well. 


Most vegetarians fall in the category of lacto-ovo-vegetarians, meaning they eat egg and dairy products. However, they avoid beef, pork, poultry, sea-food and flesh of any kinds.


Lacto means milk and lacto-vegetarians are people who abstain from meat, poultry, sea-food and eggs. They consume dairy products. Most Hindu vegetarians are Lacto-vegetarians.


Vegetarians who avoid meat and dairy products, but consume eggs are termed as ovo-vegetarians. People who are lactose intolerant usually turn ovo-vegetarians. Like Lacto, the term ovo is a Latin word for egg.


Vegans are the strictest type of vegetarians who abstain from eating eggs, dairy products, any animal products and products derived from animals. They refrain from eating any products which are made using animal products or contain even traces of animal products like gelatin. There is a debate whether honey can fit into a vegan diet.

Raw Vegan

Foodists who believe that cooking foods above 115 degrees F will lose a lot of nutritive content, usually turn to raw vegan diet. For raw vegan, they consume unprocessed vegan foods which are not heated above 115 degrees F.

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