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Freck Beauty’s New Slime Highlighter Promises an Otherworldly Glow

When it comes to glowing skin, a healthy routine is key. The right combination of serums, sunscreen, and other dewy products alone will add significant radiance to your face. However, when we want a high shine, otherworldly moment, we always turn to a favorite highlighter to take our looks up a couple of watts. The latest product on our radar? Freck’s Slimelight ($28), a holographic highlighter offering an all-over supernatural glow.

The multi-mineral, multi-purpose highlighter comes in three luminous multi-dimensional shades for coverage as bold or as subtle as you desire. Space Face is a violet purple hue, Beam Machine provides a bronzed, pink glow, and Big Bang adds gold and tones of green. For details on the new launch, we reached out to Freck Beauty’s founder Remi for the scoop.


The Formula

We love a makeup product that also has nourishing ingredients, and Slimelight promises more than a few. The brand’s sepitonic blend is “a multi-mineral complex made up of bio energizers,” Remi explains. Sounds complicated, but it’s basically a mineral blend of supercharged hydrators and electrolytes—kind of like Gatorade for your skin.

The formula also includes Shea butter, another ingredient that moisturizes, softens, and nourishes the skin. Rounding out the star ingredients is Vitamin E, “a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from harmful free radicals,” Remi explains.

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How To Apply It

There’s more than one way to get the most out of this hologram highlighter. You can apply directly on your face and body with your favorite brush or sponge or just using your hands. And Freck founder, Remi, has a few more suggestions for getting the most glow. “I like to mix Slimelight with foundation to light up the night. You can also glaze it on top of eyeshadow to add an out-of-this-world sparkle to your look,” she says.

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While these iridescent tones are perfect for bold looks you can also take a more subtle approach. “For a more subtle look, I would mix Slimelight with a moisturizer to give you a healthy-looking glow,” Remi explains.

Chinea Rodriguez, News Writer

Chinea Rodriguez

“I’ve loved purple-toned highlighters ever since I saw Rihanna wearing a similar shade a few years ago. While I’ll use a similar shade to highlight my eyes, I very rarely use it as a highlighter. That being said, I really wanted to try Space Face. I usually find more gold tones flattering on me (unfortunately, we can’t all be Rihanna). To get the most out of this highlighter, I had to try it all over my face, not just on my eyes or dabbed lightly on my cheekbones.

“Surprisingly, this buildable iridescent color is something anyone can pull off. The creamy formula adds a wash of color and shimmer. I found myself adding on extra layers for a more holographic finish, luckily it layers and blends easily for more coverage. I also loved mixing it in with a moisturizer, though the gold-toned ‘Big Bang’ will be my go-to shade for that method.”

Madeline Hirsch, Senior News Editor

Madeline Hirsch

“Purple-toned highlighter is a bit outside my comfort zone, so of course, in the spirit of adventure, I tried that shade first. This product lives up to its holographic name: the violet shade is a fun, bold statement for anyone wanting an out-of-this-world Euphoria-inspired glow. I tried mixing it with my foundation for a little extra radiance, and I’m officially a convert. I’ll probably stick to Freck’s peachy shade for daytime wear, but I can’t wait to try out this dash of violet for a nighttime look.

“What’s more, this liquid formula has plenty of staying power and sinks into your skin almost immediately. I highly recommend layering on this product for a statement look. Paired with a bold eyeliner or high pigment shadow, it has plenty of glitter, shine, and sparkle to be the star of a celestial makeup moment.”

You can shop Slimelight August 17 on and

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