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Green Smoothie Recipes

When green smoothie recipes first start appearing in the limelight, they were boring, featuring mainly green vegetables. Today, you will still find delicious spinach smoothies, but you will save money by making your own – and probably prefer the flavor as well. You can experiment to adjust proportions, controlling specific nutrients like protein and sugar that you want to pay attention to.

To start off, try one of these options for a yummy green smoothie. They are all flavorful and healthy, with plenty of options no matter your level of adventure. Best of all, they are a great way to sneak super foods into your meals.

8 Simple and Tasty Green Smoothie Recipes

  1. Green Smoothie Featuring Pear, Ginger, and Spinach

  2. Mango Ginger Smoothie for Immune Support

  3. Green Smoothie with Blueberry, Banana, and Strawberry

  4. Green Smoothie with Peach

  5. Green Smoothie Power

  6. Smoothie to Fight Free Radicals

  7. Kale and Cranberry Smoothie

  8. Green Smoothie with Pumpkin Spice

Watch the following video for more about green smoothie recipe options that include affordable ingredients and are quick to make:

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