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How Many Calories in Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are just like normal tomatoes but they are small in stature. Cherry tomatoes are found in numerous sizes, shapes and colors. You can find cherry tomatoes in orange, yellow, black, pink and white colors besides red ones. Even though they are small, they are sweeter than large sized tomatoes and have a number of nutritional benefits to offer.

This flavorful and healthy tomato can help you avoid a number of ailments. People struggling with weight gain issues might consider eating cherry tomatoes instead of large ones because it contains fewer calories than them. However, before you start eating cherry tomatoes, you might want to find out how many calories in tomatoes.

How Many Calories in Cherry Tomatoes?

How many calories are there in cherry tomatoes? According to researches, there are 3 calories in 1 cherry tomato. For eating 1 cherry tomato, you will receive:

  • Ÿ13 kj of energy (equivalent to 3 kcal)

  • Ÿ0.15 grams of protein

  • Ÿ0.67 grams of carbohydrate out of which 0.45 grams would be sugar

  • Ÿ0.03 grams: 0.008 grams saturated fat; 0.009 grams monounsaturated fat; 0.023 grams of polyunsaturated fat

  • 0 gram of cholesterol

  • Ÿ0.2 grams of fiber

  • Ÿ1 mg of sodium

  • 40 mg of potassium

  • Ÿminor iron, vitamin A and vitamin C

Each calorie you get from cherry tomatoes is comprised of 9% fat, 16% protein and 75% carbohydrate.

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