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How to Clean Belly Button

Washing the face, under arms and hands and even the area behind the ears is a common component of bathing but the belly button is always neglected when it comes to bathing. Usually people do not consider cleaning the belly button as an important aspect of personal hygiene even though it is necessary.

The belly button is among the hardest areas to clean and since people don’t clean it regularly, a great deal of muck, dirt and grime gathers in there. Since the belly button is quite deep and the muck sticks to the soft skin, it becomes almost impossible for a person to clean this area. This is why most people wonder how to clean belly button. There are some ways that can be used for cleaning the belly button that are simple to perform and can help you in showing off your six-pack abs.

How to Clean Belly Button



Step 1: Preparation

Before understanding how to clean belly button, it is important to gather the necessary supplies. Cotton swabs are a must but there are other things that you would need for cleaning your belly button too. You can use any of the following items for cleaning your belly button.

  • Water

  • An astringent like witch hazel

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Baby oil


Dip and Move

Dip the head of the cotton swab into the cleaning solution you are using and then poke the area in and around the belly button. Move gently and be careful not to rub too hard inside the navel.


Repeat and Remove Solution

Discard old swabs and repeat the process if your navel is still dirty. You should only need one or two takes and you're good to go. When you're done, take a clean swab and gently clean out any remaining cleaning solution still present in the navel. Make sure to get as much water, baby oil, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol from your belly button as possible.


Care Belly Button (Optional)

Take some Neosporin and work it around your navel if your belly button is dry. Rub it slowly in a circular pattern and get it in the middle too. After this, remove the cream with a swab.

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