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How to Make a Fondant Cake

Classical fondant is the mix of sugar and water cooked until soft-ball like consistency is formed. Fondant can be pliant after it is cooked, beaten and kneaded, and then shaped into a candy or a decoration. Fondant has changed the way of decorating cupcakes and cakes. This flexible mixture can be formed into various shapes, colored, imprinted, flavored and rolled. Sometimes it is also used as an entire cake or cupcake cover. Homemade fondant is usually softer and simpler to work with but you can buy it in stores. Are you willing to learn how to make a fondant cake by yourself? Here is the best recipe of a homemade fondant cake.

Prepare the Fondant

  1. Place ½ ounce of finely chopped white baking chocolate with cocoa butter and 3 cups of small marshmallows in a medium microwave-safe bowl for use. Add 1-1/2 teaspoons of whipping cream or milk and 1 tablespoon of cut-up butter to it.

  2. Put the bowl into the microwave and heat it on high (100%) power for 1 minute or when the marshmallows are melted and creamy. If it doesn't melt thoroughly, heat the mixture longer or several times to melt it. Stir the melted mixture to make it smooth.

  3. Add 1 teaspoon of clear vanilla and 1-1/2 cups of powdered sugar into the ready marshmallow mixture and stir thoroughly.

  4. Prepare your working surface by spreading about ½ cup of powdered sugar on it. Place your marshmallow mixture on a work surface and start kneading until it becomes smooth and nonstick. Pour more powdered sugar if needed. This might take you around 10 minutes. Once the fondant is ready, you can use it straight away or store it.

If you want to learn another way of preparing fondant for your cake, check this video:

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