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How to Make You Feel Cool

Summer is hitting back! Are you feeling hotter and hotter? Blow are several little things to make you feel cool and comfortable in the hot weather!

Part 1

  • Ordering a cocktail without consulting the menu.

  • Taking a cafetiere into a meeting (and plunging it).

  • Withdrawing more than £100 at a cash machine.

  • Using a complicated sequence of keyboard shortcuts.

  • Being recognised by an attractive woman on the street in the company of your friends.

  • Potting two balls in a row during a game of pool, then asking for the chalk.

  • Pulling out a copy of the The Times on the tube while everyone else is scanning The Metro.

  • Popping to the garage for a pack of fags on your way to a party while wearing a tuxedo.

  • Answering any request from your boss with ‘I sent you that last week’.

  • Buying the non-sale item in a place with an end-of-season sale on.

  • Guiding a group of late night drinkers to the only dive still open with a nonchalant: ‘Follow me, I know a place’.

  • Transcending the drudgery of the supermarket shop by carefully selecting cheeses from the deli at the back.

  • Folding the pages of a newspaper with ninja-like speed and precision.

  • Passing through the gates of the tube without breaking your stride.

  • Cracking an egg with one hand.

  • Smoking a cigarette at any time between the hours of midnight and 4am.

  • Going behind a bar, even if you work there.

  • The moment of fame when your name is called out in a waiting room.

  • Strolling confidently away from a shop counter after handing over the exact change. No need to wait around – you know it’s right.

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