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How to Pull Off Pink Eyeshadow on Any Skin Tone

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If you took a deep dive into our saved posts on Instagram, you’d find the following: images of swoon-worthy bathtubs, a few cute puppy pics, and a whole lot of pink eye shadow.

Thanks to our go-to makeup artists forever inspiring us, pink eye shadow is making its way to the top of our nightly IG scrolling. Why? Because there’s something about pink eye shadow that just works. It’s simple and fresh but so much more exciting than a neutral brown or golden shade.

However, trying out a new look can be a bit daunting, and it can be tricky to find which one is best for you. Because, as with any other eye product, different hues, textures, and finishes can completely change the outcome. So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pink eyeshadow looks out there, along with some of the products to help you achieve them. Read on for our tips for wearing pink eyeshadow like a pro.

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Make It Hot


Hot pink makes a bold statement. Pair a vibrant pink eyeshadow with a killer feline flick, like this look Allan Avendano created for Jodie-Turner Smith. (For a more pared-back version of this look, switch out the matching hot pink blush with a more neutral-toned option.)

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Go for Eye and Cheek Monochrome


Makeup artist Danessa Myricks is the queen of a monochromatic cheek and eye, and what better color for that look than pink? Using a cream texture will result in a dewier finish in both places. A palette, like Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Waterproof Cream Palette in Vivid ($36) gives you the chance to create your own perfect shade of all-over pink.

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Opt for Eye and Lip Monochrome


Monochrome doesn’t have to make a bold statement (though we certainly love it when it does). In this look, makeup artist Kirin Bhatty paired Awkwafina’s bold pink lip with a softer, rosy tone on the lids. For the ultimate in soft girl pink, we suggest turning to a blush—Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Puff ($18), to be precise. Just pat and blend with your finger.

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Draw the Line


Take a cue from makeup artist Patrick Ta and Addison Rae, and combine two trends—bold pink eye makeup and graphic liner—into one. Just spray a little water or setting spray onto an angled liner brush, dip into your neon pink eyeshadow of choice (we like Make Up Forever’s Artist Color Eyeshadow in M-853, $17), and start drawing.

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Play With Tones


Makeup artist Priscilla Ono proves that when it comes to pink, more can be more. When creating a look with multiple pink eyeshadows, one foolproof approach to placement is centering a lighter shade on the lid, then using deeper pink tones to create depth in the crease and at the outer corners. Pop a touch of lighter shadow or even a rosy highlighter into the inner corner. Try it out with Fenty’s Snap Shadows Mix and Match Eyeshadow Palette ($25) in Rose.

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Paint it Matte


A dusty, more subdued pink in a matte finish is a great option for those looking for a cooler-toned approach to the trend. We like the way makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes wears the look, keeping it one-dimensional but far from flat. She used Danessa Myricks Beauty’s ColorFix 24-Hour Cream Color Matte in Creme Brulee ($18) for this look.

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Add Some Glitter


What do craft projects and eyeshadow looks have in common? They always seem to look so much better when you throw some glitter into the mix. Lucy Hale went all-out in glitter with this look. Keep the rest of your makeup soft and neutral if you want the focus to be strictly on the eyes.

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Expand the Definition


Pink doesn’t have to be neon hot or cotton candy pastel. Plum tones that lean pink are a great option for those who want to play up their cooler undertones, or against their warmer undertones. We like Laura Mercier’s Luster Eye Color in African Violet ($25). Take a warm brown shade through the socket line and focus your pink shadow on the lid only.

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Get Textural


Glitter isn’t the only way to add unique texture to your pink eyeshadow look. A glossy pink lid makes a great statement on its own or paired with a bold lip. One way to achieve the look: Start by priming your eyelids (we like the P. Louise Eye Base, $14), then apply your pink eyeshadow of choice. Add a lip gloss—either clear or pink—and voila.

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Soften the Focus


If you prefer your makeup looks to be focused around your skincare, fear not—you can definitely still participate in the pink eyeshadow moment. Makeup artist Nam Vo showcases how a soft sweep of pink around the eyes and fluffy lashes allows for the focus to stay firmly on glowing skin. 

15 Pink Makeup Looks to Try For Every Skin Tone

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