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How to Remove Grout

When you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, removing grout found in pre-existing tiles is always one of the hardest parts. Grout is made from sand, cement and water and hardens over some time forming a material that is rock-like. The grout’s strength is the one thing that makes tiles highly desired since it keeps them from shifting. When you learn how you can remove the grout, you will be able to save some money that you would have otherwise paid a contractor.

How to Remove Grout: What to Prepare


Have all the necessary tools

Removal of grout can be done with several tools. The tools you'll use depend on your budget and the amount and type of grout you have. It will also depend on how often you would like to have the grout removed.

  • Power tools: There are various power tools used to remove grout. They are also called re-grout tools, and they help in the quick removal of grout without using too much effort. These come in handy if there is a large amount of grout or if you want to remove it frequently.

  • Manual tools: If you find that you are unable to use power tools but still have a large amount of grout to remove, you can always use manual tools. Such a tool normally resembles a diminutive trowel.

  • If there isn’t too much grout, or if you’re dealing with rubber grout, you can use a standard razor blade like the Exacto knife. 


Cover surfaces of appliances

When you are in the process of removing grout, there is bound to be some flying debris which can cause damage. Take a large blanket and drape it over appliances and make sure they have been fully covered. If you just want to have the grout removed and keep the tiles, take a painter’s tape and cover the tile’s edges.


Wear protective clothing

This is inclusive of gloves (cut resistant), a dust mask and safety sunglasses. For your comfort, wear knee pads as the grout removal process may take some time. 

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