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How to Remove Rust from Chrome

To remove rust from chrome, wash the chrome surface with chrome cleaner and water, use steel wool with chrome polish to rub off the rust, and then rinse and dry the surface. You need soft cloths, chrome cleaner, water, rubber gloves, steel wool and chrome polish to complete this task.

Part 1


Wash the chrome surface

Using a soft cloth, wash and rinse the chrome surface. Use the chrome cleaner and water to remove dirt and debris. Wash the surface until you see the rust spots easily.


Rub off the rust

Apply chrome polish to the rusted surface. Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands from the steel wool. Apply polish to the steel wool, and gently rub the steel wool over the rust in a circular motion. Add more polish to keep the surface moist so you don't scratch the chrome. When rubbing, apply moderate pressure to avoid damaging the surface.


Rinse the surface

Rinse the rubbed surface with clean water, and check for any remnants of rust. If necessary, repeat the rubbing process to clear the remaining rust. Once you clear all the rust spots, rinse the surface again, and dry it with a soft cloth in a circular motion.

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