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How to Sanitize Beer Bottles?

To sanitize beer bottles, wash and scrub the bottles using hot water and a strong detergent. The bottles can be rinsed in a sink, or you can use the rinse cycle of the dishwasher. The process takes less than one hour. 

Part 1


Gather the bottles

Place all the beer bottles in a large bin. Put all the bottles on their sides to fit as many bottles into the bin as possible.


Add detergent and water

Add hot water and a powder or liquid detergent to the bin to clean the bottles. Leave the bottles in the detergent solution for at least 30 minutes.


Scrub the bottles

Use a wash cloth or brush to scrub the bottles. You can also use a thin bottle brush to clean the inside of the bottles.


Rinse thoroughly

Rinse the bottles two or three times to make sure there is not detergent residue left on the bottles.

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