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How to Steam Broccoli

The taste of fresh, steamed broccoli is beyond awesome. Steaming is categorized as one of the widely employed cooking methods for the preparation of veggies. It involves the use of steam and heating water for making the veggies tender and edible. Steaming assists in preserving the nutrients present within the broccoli and adds a rich quality to the flavor. You may top it with tamari, salt, pepper, tad bit of butter, some soy sauce and a little bit of toasted sesame oil. Do you want to know more details about how to steam broccoli? Read on this article.

Steam Broccoli in Microwave

Who doesn’t want to get things quickly done? Certainly microwave answers your prayers. So steaming can be conveniently carried out in microwave. However, remember that it may be a little tricky to get the veggies cooked up to the desired and precise level. Here’s what you must do.


Take a bowl and add the fresh broccoli florets in it. The broccoli florets should be washed and keep some water present in them, because this will help in formation of a small water pool in the bottom. If it is not , add a tbsp. of water.


Place this bowl in your microwave for approx. 1 minute at high heat and make sure it’s all covered up.


Check if it’s done to your desired level of tenderness or not.


If it’s not, then repeat the similar steps after an interval of every 30 second until it meets your desired satisfaction.

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