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How to Steam Green Beans

Food tastes more delicious when it is visually appetizing. Same is true for green beans that are usually prepared via steaming to maintain the beautiful green color and the cracking, crunchy sound of the beans. The process of steaming is performed by gentle distribution of steam that is produced by boiling of water. The main aim is to cook the beans without letting their color and texture going dull. This is because cooking on a high flame can destroy all the essential elements while steaming secures all the vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin C, K, A, iron, folates, etc. Want to know how to steam green beans? Read on this article.

Steam Green Beans in a Microwave

Microwave is a modern technology and now is extensively used in cooking purposes. Although microwave heat does not allow even distribution of heat, it is still one of the technique which is utilized to steam green beans.


Place the green beans in a microwave safe bowl and add just a little amount of water on the base of the bowl, which is required for generating steam vapors. If you have freshly washed the beans, limit the water content.


Cover the bowl with a suitable microwave safe lid.


Place the bowl in microwave, set high temperature and leave for about a minute.


Check the beans after 30 seconds.


The time of steaming varies from 1 minute to 3 minutes, this depends on how much steamed beans you like.

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