How to Travel from Rome to Venice

You have finally realized the trip of your dreams and you want to make sure that you take in all the sights. The problem is in order to see everything you will have to spend time and money trying to get in everything that is on your list. If you are going to make the trip a memorable one, spend your time travelling between Rome and Venice and take in all the wonderful sites along the way.



Rome to Venice by Air

If there’s one thing you should keep in mind when deciding to fly from Rome to Venice is to plan ahead. You will need to keep in mind the travel time to go between the two cities, and this includes travel time to and from the airport, time to get your bags, and time to get to a destination that is out of the range of the airport.

Flight options: Fiumicino and Ciampino are the two airports that are located in Rome. As far as airlines, you have your choice of EasyJet or Air One, both of whom have fairly reasonable flights, or Alitalia, who does not have any type of budget flights available. With their financial problems be on the lookout for some special deals.

Air fare: You will also need to weigh in the cost of the flights. If you plan ahead you will be able to take advantage of some good deals. Travelling from Venice to Rome by air could cost anywhere from €15 one-way if you travel by easy Jet or €50 one-way if fly on Air One. It will take about an hour for a direct flight.

Flights from Rome to Venice

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