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Names Beginning With C

Unique baby names beginning with C can either be casual names or have deep meanings. You can also use them to honor ancestors or immediate family members. You can choose an easy-to-spell name or a long one shortened with a cute nickname for your little one. This article will give you girl’s names, boy’s names, and names that can be used for both sexes. Read on for some fun baby names that start with c.

Girl Baby Names Beginning With C

Below is a list of c names for your precious little girl:


Cacia (Irish/Greek)

In Irish, the name Cacia means, “vigilant one.” In Greek the name means, “guileless.” People with this name love to lead others for higher good. They often achieve high levels of wealth and power, but are very practical people.


Cadie (English/Irish)

This name means, “rhythmic flow of sounds.” It is the Irish form of “Katie.” Girls that have this name love stability and family time. They work very well with other people and crave appreciation for their works. They touch lives with a powerful energy and have magnetic personalities.


Catarina (Greek/Italian)

This name means, “pure and clear.” This is a form of the name “Catherine.” Girls with this name love to be creative and express themselves through art. They are also very good actors, singers and writers. They love beauty in wherever they live and work. They tend to be very practical, cautious, and conservative.


Celestia (French/Latin)

The meaning of this name is “Heavenly” or “of the Heavens.” Girls with this name crave love and companionship and do not like to be alone. They gather others for the greater cause of harmony and peace in the world. They tend to meditate on deeper spiritual truths, and are visionaries striving to inspire other people.


Cherry (French)

This name means, “Darling” or “Dear one.” It can also mean the actual fruit, cherry. Cherry was one of the characters in a Charles Dickens novel, “Martin Chuzzlewit.” Girls with this name are adventurous and love to travel. They like to make their own schedules and forego usual traditions to make their own ways of doing things. They love and adapt to change very well.


Corrina (Greek/Latin)

This name means, “Maiden.” These people love quiet and are very deep and analytical. They love beautiful things and constantly strive for peace and harmony in their world.


Other baby girl names beginning with C:

  • Cecilia

  • Celia

  • Céline

  • Connie

  • Claire

  • Christina

  • Chloe

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