Plants for Different Types of Soil

It would be difficult for you to grow any type of plants on soil that you know nothing about. The key behind successfully growing a plant is knowing the different types of soils and which one is the best for your plant, as the wrong type of soil can completely stunt the growth of the plant by not letting it get air, moisture and the nutrients it needs. So it is important for you to be aware of the different kinds of soils which are often classified on the basis of their texture, the soil particles size and the nutrient and mineral content of the soils.

Plants for Clay Soil



Helenium is a perennial flower that is hardy. It blooms in three colors, red, yellow or orange, and the leaves are dark green. It is a daisy-like plant and requires a lot of sunlight.



Aster is another type of plant that is ideal for clay soils as it is half-hardy to hardy and is perennial. The flowers of this plant bloom in white, pink or purple and the leaves can either be green or grey. This plant may require staking.



This is a hardy shrub that has flowers that are pink, white or red. The leaves of this plant are either variegated or green and it requires plenty of sunshine.



This perennial plant is more commonly known as Bergamot and it is a hardy plant with flowers that bloom in pink, violet or white colors. It grows best from mid-summer to autumn and requires watering to keep away mild-dew.



This is a flowering quince shrub with pink, red or white flowers. It has thorny stems and is ideal for winters and spring.

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