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Seasoning a Steak

A steak is often the best choice when it comes to surprise someone with dinner, show your appreciation or simply follow through on your love of cooking. A steak, when paired with a glass of wine, makes for an amazing dinner. However, can you cook you steak with a burning flavor and a crispy outside that accompanies a tender inside? For those who want to ensure that their steak is on par with what would be found in restaurants, you should first learn the skills of seasoning a steak.

How to Season a Steak

Seasoning a steak in the right way can make all the difference between a decent steak and an amazing steak. Get started by following these simple tips on seasoning a steak:


Prepare the Meat

Place the steak on paper towels and let the steak come to room temperature. This is going to ensure that the steak drains properly and cooks better once it is thawed. This method won't encourage the increase of bacteria, but will guarantee the steak cooks evenly.


Salt the Steak

Salt the steak with 3/4 to 1 tsp of salt for per pound of meat. You can do this right as you cook. But the better choice is to salt it 40 minutes before cooking in order to allow the salt to sink into the meat for a more tender flavor.


Apply Some Oil

Utilizing one teaspoon of oil per pound of meat and spreading or brushing it onto the steak. You can use any oil that you want, though most chefs like to use olive oil.


Spray Some Pepper

Put pepper on your steak, either before or after. Many people prefer to spray pepper after cooking, but there are those that argue putting pepper on the steak before cooking will give the steak a burned flavor and is also a great way to give the steak a better taste.


A Demonstrating Video

If you want to know more methods about seasoning a steak to add more flavor to your streak, there is a video that demonstrates how to seasoning a steak by marinating it:

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