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This year, “Doomsday” starring Anne Hathaway was shortlisted in the main competition unit of the Cannes Film Festival, and she is also one of the contenders for this year’s best actress.

When she appeared on the red carpet, she felt like she had found her home ground. The simple white trailing dress and her loose hair made her look lazy and calm.

There is no need for concave shapes, and the chances of winning are also very large. Maybe this is called four or two thousand pounds.

This set of departure photos shared by hair stylist Adir Abergel also conveys the same temperament.

There is no lighting or setting, just a hotel room for rest in front of the red carpet, clothes on the sofa, and a row of staff standing at the door. Anne Hathaway is sometimes not even in the center of the picture, but she is still eye-catching enough.

Makeup, watching the sea, drinking, the life of a beautiful woman is that every frame looks good.

In the photo call of the “Doomsday” crew, she tied up her princess head and put on special-shaped sunglasses. The moment she turned her head, the photographer and camera behind her became her exclusive background.

Full of coincidences, humorous and cute at the same time.

In just a few days, she contributed three sets of divine pictures. After all, she is Anne Hathaway.

01 She is the representative of Princess Sweetheart

When it comes to the word “American sweetheart”, the most easily associated female stars are the two of them – Britney Spears and Anne Hathaway. The former is blond and blue-eyed, with a healthy complexion, giving the impression of being confident and powerful.

The latter is characterized by brown hair, fair skin, and a plump figure. Like the Barbie doll in the window, it is not beautiful enough to fall to the ground.

It’s hard to imagine her standing on the football field and dancing cheerleading like the girls in miniskirts in American TV shows, because she has a natural sense of quiet atmosphere.

Therefore, she is not only a sweetheart, but also a “princess”.

In 2001, “The Princess Diaries” pushed her to the top. The background of the story is set in an American campus. Mia, played by Anne Hathaway, wears a wool roll and black-rimmed glasses. She is so ordinary that her teacher will forget her name, let alone join the school gang.

Before her 16th birthday, she was told that she was the heir to the royal family and would participate in the National Day Ball as a princess. The old-fashioned “ugly duckling turns into a swan” plot begins here.

Straightening her hair, taking off her glasses, repairing her eyebrows, plus a series of body and posture training, her image has undergone a qualitative change in less than two hours, so dreamy that everyone has confidence in their future.

Actually, we all know that the ugly duckling is not so easy to turn into a swan, unless she is Anne Hathaway.

It is often said: “Anne Hathaway has a royal face”. The small pointed face full of soft tissue and the drooping eyes full of innocence are enough to highlight the princess’ juvenile and dexterity.

■The Other Side of Heaven


In terms of demeanor, her smile is also bright and generous, and she may not be able to achieve the confidence and publicity of the heroine of an American drama, but the intuitive feeling it brings to people is still sunny and bright.

Even though she used many ways to become ugly in “The Princess Diaries”, she can still see her superior foundation.

■Magic Cinderella

But the debut is the pinnacle, and the pinnacle is the “cage”. At that time, Anne Hathaway may not have expected how difficult it is to get the princess label.

02 Not being a princess, her sexiness is so hard to imitate

In the fourth year of her popularity as a princess, she entered NYU to study, and it was also in this year that she began to challenge sexy and unbridled roles in movies. In “Brokeback Mountain”, she is a cowboy shrew with a Texas accent, and in “Pretty Woman”, she is a rebellious rich girl full of foul language.

■《Pretty Woman in All Tribulations》
■《Brokeback Mountain》

And the exhausted addict in Rachel’s Wedding.

But only subversion is not enough. It proves that she can act, and it’s not enough fun.

In “Alice in Wonderland” released in 2010, Anne Hathaway played the White Queen, in a gorgeous and dreamy palace, with a false smile, half dignified and half crazy. The various characteristics of the character seem to coincide with the criticism of Anne Hathaway from the outside world in those years.


“Heavy Heart”

“It’s fake to laugh”

“Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” found her to play Catwoman. Compared with other female characters in superhero films, Catwoman is cunning and full of danger. She is not a foil for the male protagonist to save the world, nor is she a decoration beside the hero’s halo. .

She wore a black tights and drove a motorcycle through the streets of Gotham City, sexy and dangerous.

The same is true for her in “Hidden the Sky”. She seems to be simple and easy to deceive her mind, but in fact she has already seen through the tricks of the people around her.

In the first part of the movie, she played her in the eyes of others, with a big chest and no brains, even if the necklace was secretly adjusted, she didn’t notice it. At the end, she changed her outfit, her IQ suddenly went online, and she began to discuss an alliance with the female thieves who stole necklaces, and wanted to join in and share a piece of the pie.

In her body, you can see multiple definitions of sexy. Sexy is not about a young face and a superior figure, whether it is naked or not, and it is not completely determined by what clothes and hairstyles you wear.

The cat woman is sexy, not because the tights can emphasize the curve, but because she is mysterious and complicated.

The actress Daphne in “Hidden the Sky” is sexy, not because of the sexy low-cut dress, but because of the contrast in her body, which arouses everyone’s curiosity, and feels “interesting” in the bottom of my heart.

Recently, there has always been a discussion about “sexy and edgy”, but this is actually the difference.

There is wisdom and self-confidence behind the sexy, and because of this, the sexy we see is complemented by the bright and atmospheric smile.

Edge wiping is purposeful, but behind it is a clever trick that is easy to be seen through, so it is easy to be cramped and look petty.

Anne Hathaway at the premiere of “The Rise and Fall of WeWork”, lying on a cinema chair to take pictures, you won’t think she’s brushing aside, you’ll just think she’s sexy and elegant, and her beauty has no bottleneck, even at the age of 40.

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