Simulation Theory

Have you ever wondered why you are on this Earth? Or if there is life on other planets that may be controlling our every move? This is one of the main ideas behind the simulation theory, which assumes that everything we do on a daily basis is not our own doing.

What Is Simulation Theory?

In scientific terms, a simulation is a recreation of a real-world process or event. This means that in order to conduct a simulation, one must do the following: determine which process or event you wish to recreate, create a model for this event, and allow the simulation to run according to the model that was created.

Since simulations allow creators to see how a device will function in real life before testing it in a real event, it allows the creators to solve any potential problems. For example, car crash simulations allow car dealerships to determine exactly where each vehicle has the greatest weaknesses, and as such, where they should reinforce the vehicle for maximum safety to the driver and passengers. Furthermore, computer simulations allow many to view potential possibilities of a variety of events, such as volcano eruptions, new technology devices, and even the weather.

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