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Sprouted Wheat Bread

A lot of people are turning to healthier food options and some training programs also ask the followers to include such products in their diet. Sprouted grain bread instead of regular ones is one of the good options. However, before you turn to it, it is important to know what it exactly is and whether you should switch to this option.

What Is Sprouted Wheat Bread?

Grain is the seed of certain plant. There are three edible parts of the whole grain: the germ, endosperm and bran. When grains are sown in the soil, they germinate and grow into a new seed-producing plant. However, if you harvest the grain before it turns into an actually new plant, you will get sprouted grain. People believe that the grains that are between a seed and a new plant have more nutritional content that is higher than regular grains because the process of sprouting will release all the crucial nutrients in the grain.

Given below are the details of white bread and whole wheat bread to help you understand the differences between them and sprouted bread.

  • White Wheat Bread: For making white bread, the germ and bran layer of the wheat are removed. Only the endosperm is ground into flour, which is then used to bake the bread. The germ and barn contain the nutrients which are removed in this process.

  • Whole Wheat Bread: In this type of bread, the entire wheat grain is used to grind into whole-wheat flour which is then baked into whole-wheat bread. This bread has more fiber, vitamins and proteins.

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