Tom Cruise drives a fighter jet. Are rich men obsessed with flying?

If you want to say which male star is the busiest in recent times, Tom Cruise can definitely be counted as one.

In order to promote the new film “Top Gun 2”, since the beginning of the month, I have been running non-stop promotion, California, Mexico, Cannes, London, Japan, I feel like I have circled the earth in half a month.

The 24-year-old Tom Cruise is the first-generation male god of many people.

The pilot is played in the play, and Tom Cruise is also full of flying style outside the play. At the previous world premiere in San Diego, I wore a Brioni suit and American Optical pilot sunglasses to take a helicopter to the venue, and played Bo handsome~

What’s more interesting is that he also took “Late Night Show” host James Corden to fly around and staged a Top Gun chase.

It is said that Tom Cruise actually learned to fly a fighter jet in order to film stunts. Many netizens who have seen the picture of him flying a fighter plane in the new film said that this kind of muscle change under the influence of gravity acceleration is very real, and the sense of presence is very strong. It feels that Tom Cruise is also enough.

In the reality show, the action is also as fierce as a tiger, which terrifies James Corden, and Tom Cruise is like a ghost in a movie. The man who can fly a plane still has his own buff.

It is said that flying is more attractive to men than jewelry is to women. At this point, royal celebrities and ordinary people are the same. Perhaps the biggest difference is that they are more likely to make their dreams come true. After all, this hobby is very expensive.

For example, the British royal family has always had a flying tradition. Prince Philip has been flying for 44 years. Prince Andrew piloted the plane to participate in the war, Harry piloted the “Apache” gunship, and William was a pilot of the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Team, and also participated in the rescue of a wrecked freighter.

Although he resigned from the air ambulance team in 2017 because the royal family was too busy, William obviously still has a dream of flying in his heart. On the day of the premiere of “Top Gun 2” in London, in addition to wearing a McQueen suit, he also specially matched a pair of Crockett & Jones loafers featuring the F18 plane that Tom Cruise drove in the film.

It is not only the British royal family who loves flying. King Abdullah II of Jordan is also a well-trained pilot. Sultan Bolkiah of Brunei once flew his own plane to Bangkok to attend a series of ASEAN summits. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is on the side. When the king, while part-time civil aviation pilot.

Among the billionaires, the most profligate second-generation wealthy in the last century, Howard Hughes, and Oracle boss Larry Ellison are both addicted to flying. In the past two years, it has become a trend for the rich to go to heaven. Richard Branson, Bezos, and Yusaku Maezawa have all “flyed into space”.

Today, the fan master will show you why the celebrities and rich people are almost all flight fans, and what items can easily create a flight style


Why do the rich and famous love to fly?

Left-hand adventure and challenge, right-hand freedom and romance

Flying symbolizes adventure and challenge, free control of machinery, and in the eyes of men, it is the ultimate romance that touches the heartstrings, the feeling of adrenaline soaring, one flight will become addictive.

Fan was invited by Breitling before and experienced an unforgettable flight in his life. The L-39C Albatross jet, which was taken to the sky by the pilots of the Breitling Air Show Team, is a classic model from the Czech Republic and has been converted into a light fighter by many countries.

In the air, I experienced swinging from side to side, weightlessness, and climbing. I only felt the blue sky under my feet and the white clouds passing behind me… The most exciting thing is still behind, 360° rotation, and not one, at least three times, I felt like the world was spinning, I couldn’t help screaming loudly, but the process was really cool!

Ordinary people are still like this, and the qualified bosses fly even more endlessly.

For example, Oracle boss Larry Ellison is particularly obsessed with flying, and he got his pilot license early. Not only does he love to fly fighter jets, but he also often simulates close combat with his son over the Pacific Ocean on weekends.

The aircraft control stick is their joystick, and the blue sky above is a huge display. So much so that the biographer sighed: If you can really do it, why settle for virtual reality games?

△Larry Ellison’s son David


Indian real estate tycoon Vikas Oberoi, who is worth $2.8 billion, is also a fan of flying. Usually open is a Cirrus SR22T small aircraft. Because of the good relationship with the French Dassault company, I got an opportunity to experience the Rafale fighter.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that money can’t buy,” he said. “We were in the air for about 30 minutes, going faster than the speed of sound.”

Some rich people even risk their lives for their favorite flying adventures. For example, Steve Fawcett, an American billionaire and aviator who is engaged in futures investment, has engraved the spirit of adventure in his DNA.

This top flight player is not only the first person to fly hot air balloons over the four continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific, and the Atlantic Ocean, but also has 10 personal jets, 9 glider world records, and non-supersonic speed. He also set the record for the highest speed of an aircraft (1194 km/h) and the longest non-stop flight in aviation history (76 hours and 45 minutes of continuous flight, covering a distance of 26,389.3 miles).

Unfortunately, however, he disappeared in 2007 while flying a light plane over the Great Basin desert, only the wreckage of the plane was found, and he was pronounced dead the following year.

The second generation born in Rome has both fame and fortune, and the threshold of happiness is not generally high. The coexistence of “speed and passion” can make them fly with adrenaline and dopamine.

The most famous representative is Howard Hughes, the prototype of “Iron Man”. He is a legend in the flying world. Xiao Lizi also played him in the movie “The Aviator”.

He has an almost fanatical fascination with flying, and most of the time he is simply desperate.

Hughes first piloted a Boeing P-12 aircraft. He participated in an amateur pilot’s competition and tried his best to win the championship. He was very dissatisfied with this and decided to build the fastest plane in the world by himself, and finally built the famous “Hughes H-1 racing plane”.

Due to the advanced design concept of Hughes 1, the test flight was very risky, and Howard Hughes decided to go into battle in person. On the first flight, it flew a world record of 567.12 km/h, but after breaking the record, it ran out of fuel and almost crashed, and finally made a forced landing in a vegetable field.

Setting the world record for flying speed obviously cannot satisfy Hughes. He also wanted something more exciting, such as crossing the United States in the shortest time, and finally completed the crossing in 7 hours, 28 minutes and 25 seconds.

Although the members of the royal family are not so wild, they also love flying deeply. King Thai is a veteran flying enthusiast. He joined the Air Force for training when he was young, and has driven F-16s and Boeing 737s.

When he took Queen Suthida to visit Phichit before, he was photographed flying his Boeing 737 business jet himself.

When I was flying back to Bangkok after my inspection, I was sitting in a helicopter again, and then put on a flight suit and started driving by myself. The queen was still the co-pilot

The concubine Sinina also catered to the Thai King’s flight control very well. She wore a small vest to fly the plane, which perfectly combined the two elements that the Thai King loved the most~

King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands directly regarded the hobby of flying as a serious sideline: before he succeeded to the throne, he flew a passenger plane for the Royal Dutch City Short-distance Flight Company. Two flight missions.

As for the reason, on the one hand, it is because the feeling of flying is so wonderful, during which he can “retreat” without distractions, and that kind of concentration makes people relaxed and free; on the other hand, he enjoys the moment when flying the plane anonymously on behalf of the crew members to welcome passengers , there is a different kind of warmth and romance~

Create a flying fan and become handsome in one second

Pilot sunglasses are a must for tough guys, and the pilot watch is professional

Although not everyone can go to the sky if they want to, but using classic items to create a flying style, it is relatively easy to become a cool man in seconds, and rounding up can also be considered a fulfillment of the dream of flying~

Aviator sunglasses – synonymous with cool


The easiest item to create a flying fan is the cool aviator sunglasses. Sunglasses in this category are very characteristic, with dark reflective lenses that cover the entire field of vision, and the classic double-bridge frame, giving people a tough, confident and mysterious feeling.

Military aviator sunglasses can be traced back to D-1 sunglasses, produced by American Optical, and later evolved into AN 6531 military sunglasses and other styles.

△ 1942年的AN6531太阳镜,今天看都完全没有过时感
△ The AN6531 sunglasses in 1942 are completely out of date today.


The origin of civilian pilot sunglasses is Army Aviation Colonel John A. Collaboration between Macready and Bausch & Lomb.

Because the clouds in the sky are very light, the sun is dazzling, and the red and ultraviolet rays are also very strong, which stimulates and damages the cornea. For pilots, a pair of high-quality professional sunglasses can effectively protect their eyes during the flight.

 △ John A。 Macready
△ John A。 Macready


Therefore, “anti-glare” is the most important function of pilot sunglasses in the early days. This function is also called “Ray-Ban”, and the brand name of Ray-Ban comes from here.

However, pilot sunglasses have gradually changed from functional tools to cool tools, which cannot be separated from generations of cool men. The first generation of the king of goods must be the first B-King MacArthur of World War II.

In October 1944, when he led his troops back to the Philippines and landed on Leyte Island, he wore this kind of glasses. With the publication of news pictures, the aviator sunglasses became widely known.

Later, the aviator sunglasses and the military hat and pipe became the necessary equipment for him to build his personal image. It has a hormonal temperament and is definitely the favorite of the macho.

Beginning in the 1950s, Ray-Ban started an advertising war. Almost every Hollywood star had a pair of them. Trend icons such as Elvis Presley, Robert Redford, and David Bowie wore them one after another. It also made people discover that aviator sunglasses are not just for wearing. The uniform is handsome, and it’s cool to wear a suit.

Michael Jackson directly wore Ray-Ban Aviators to attend the Grammys in 1984, which made the cool image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

After Tom Cruise wore it in “Top Gun”, it set off a wave of imitation of the whole people and influenced the aesthetics of generations.

It is said that wearing aviator sunglasses to look handsome and try Bailing, and do not choose age and face shape at all, can perfectly hold all kinds of occasions.

After James Corden, who took the comedian route, put it on, it instantly became a lot more reliable.

Now the Silicon Valley bosses who have Flying Dreams are using it to pretend to be tough guys, feeling that they will conquer the sky in minutes.

As soon as you put on the sunglasses, you become a madman in seconds.

Pilot’s watch – full of mechanical aesthetics

Although pilot sunglasses have a style, to realize the dream of flying, it is inseparable from a pilot watch that has both mechanical beauty and flying feelings.

The dial of many pilot watches will adopt a two-eye or three-eye design, and there are three buttons on the side to control the stopwatch (the control buttons of individual watches are distributed on both sides), which is cool in shape.

Like the all-black PVD Porsche Design Orfina 7176s worn by Tom Cruise, introduced by watchmaker Orfina in the 1980s, the dial and hands are inspired by the 911’s dashboard. It’s fast and furious, yet calm and composed.

IWC’s Top Gun series made of zirconia ceramics also focuses on cool and cool styles. Other instructors in “Top Gun2” wear the Top Gun version of the IWC flight watch (left), and IWC also launched a civilian model in 2020 (right). , limited to 1500 pieces, equipped with IWC Cal. 69380 self-made movement, luminous dial hands, jet fighter-shaped red second hand and green fabric strap, full of sports atmosphere.

If it is like the classic Breitling Aviation Chronograph 01, with a complex like a flight instrument panel, it will make men fall in love at a glance.

It is said that the relationship between Breitling and flying has a long history. In 1952, the Navitimer was born, and it is still very representative today. This is the first Breitling mechanical chronograph with an aviation-specific flying slider. With it, pilots can quickly calculate important data such as fuel consumption, rate of climb, etc. Once launched, it was favored by pilots, airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

Previously, Fan had worn a Breitling Aviation Chronograph 1 Automatic 38 watch when he was on a fighter jet in France. The cool black dial with a flying slider and a black strap were very handsome and eye-catching. Although it is a male watch, it is completely male and female, and many girls also expressed their hearts after reading it.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the advent of aviation chronographs, and Breitling has released several new green dial timepieces. This aviation chronograph B01 chronograph 46 modern green is quite impressive, and the combination of mechanical beauty and fashion is just right.

The chronograph function is also one of the most interesting points of the pilot’s watch. Boy A felt that by depicting and recording a period of time in this way, starting, stopping, returning, and restarting, the flow of the second hand felt very good.

It would be even better if it had a flyback function. This feature simplifies the three steps of stop, zero and restart into one action, derived from the needs of early pilots, to save time and maintain accuracy in flight.

Like Richard Mille’s RM 39-01 Aviation self-winding flyback chronograph, it combines the dial like a “wrist calculator” with the flyback function, which has a unique appeal.

Blancpain once created 12 chronograph Air Commands in the 1950s, and occasionally appeared in interviews with top watch collectors, which is very mysterious. Fan participated in the first “Time To Move” watch exhibition in Switzerland before, and Mark Hayek, president and CEO of Blancpain, wore one of the antique watches at the event.

△ 非常有五十年代的怀旧风情
△ Very nostalgic style of the 1950s


In 2019, Blancpain refers to the prototype of the antique watch, and launches a new limited edition of 500 replica Air Command, 42.5mm stainless steel case, ceramic outer ring, old luminous coating on the dial, flyback timing function.

It not only retains all the classic details of the prototype watch, but also has a back transparent design on the back of the watch, and the 22K gold oscillating weight is processed into a hollowed-out aircraft propeller shape, which is very surprising.

Left: Original in the 1950s Right: Reissue in 2019


This year, Blancpain has added a new member to the treasure series of Air Command.

Like the retro pilot’s watch, the 2022 new Air Force Commander is known for its precision design and two independent timing functions, namely the flyback chronograph function and the countdown bezel; the dark blue dial is very attractive, and the 36.2 mm diameter case is the same as the same series. The “predecessors” are more compact than the size, which is very suitable for small-sized watch lovers.

Of course, among the men who like pilot watches, there is also no lack of sentimental parties, who love its design aesthetics and the story behind it.

When it comes to flight watches, IWC must have a name. The most classic is Dafei, which was born during World War II. It was specially designed for air force pilots. It originally had a large 55mm dial, a large onion-shaped crown and a luminous three-pin design; after World War II, the Mark 11 navigation was created for the British Air Force. Legendary styles such as staff watches.

Dafei is a classic that aviation enthusiasts cannot avoid. John Malkovich, Quentin Tarantino, and Air Jordan are all loyal fans. The large dial and crown complement each other and are highly recognizable.

The little prince of the blue plate is very fashionable. Fan has tried a special model in SKP before. The dial has a unique IWC blue, which is as deep and vast as the night sky, and is very popular among young people.

The little prince logo on the back of the watch is full of romantic feelings, and Saint-Exupéry, the author of “The Little Prince”, is a legendary aviator.

When it comes to the feelings of the flight watch, we can’t help but mention the originator of the pilot’s wrist watch.

In 1901, the famous Brazilian aviator Albert Santos Dumont flew around the Eiffel Tower in his new Santos VI. But because he didn’t have the opportunity to look at the pocket watch while driving, his time exceeded the specified time by 40 seconds, and the challenge failed.

That night, the lost Santos told Louis Cartier that at that time, his hands had to control the plane, and he had no chance to check the time with his pocket watch, which led to the failure of the test flight. The fire of innovation.

In 1904, Louis Cartier solved the problem of the flying adventurer and designed this Santos watch named after a friend, so that he could confirm the time when he was controlling the plane with both hands, and this watch has been since then. Accompany Santos on every exploration and flight.

Although today’s Santos is no longer a flying watch, it retains the classic elements and has a modern industrial style. It can be tough and elegant, and it is still the choice of many quality men.

Longines also has an indissoluble bond with aviators. In 1927, American pilot Charles Lindbergh (also translated as Lin Bai) flew from New York to Paris and became the first person to fly across the Atlantic. During this period, he wore a Longines watch as a memorial to Longines. Later, a variety of “Lin Bai watches” were launched. In 1938, Howard Hughes also wore Longines when he completed his circumnavigation flight.

Today, Longines’ BigEye replica flying watch has a retro aesthetics.

Breguet actually has a lot of roots in the aviation industry. As early as the 1950s, it specially developed the Type XX series of chronographs for the French Naval Air Force. Those who like retro aesthetics may wish to check out this Type XXI 3815 chronograph with flyback function, dark black dial with sunburst pattern, vivid hour markers and coin pattern on the outer edge of the case. flavor.

Of course, the ultimate goal of flight fans is to go to space. The Omega Speedmaster is full of the romance of human landing on the moon. On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked out of the Flying Eagle lunar module, becoming the first to land on the moon. ⁠The human beings⁠, the Omega Speedmasters on their wrists also witnessed this historic moment.

When Bezos went to heaven, he also wore a custom “Blue Origin” style.

Bomber jacket – neat and stylish


To create a complete flight style, you have to come with a stylish and handsome bomber jacket.

This jacket was first developed in 1917. Warm and permeable leather is the main raw material. The left and right necklines can be fastened and gathered to prevent the wind from entering. The new style after the First World War was shorter in length, and the cuffs and neckline were made of stretch knitted fabric. The representative model was the A-1 bomber jacket launched in 1927.

△ The A2 bomber jacket in the movie “Pearl Harbor” is an improved version of the A-1 on the right

The G-1 bomber jacket that Tom Cruise wore in the film was designed in 1930. Goat leather material and fur collar design, warm and handsome, become an eternal classic in the hearts of fans.

Not only is it timeless today, but it also has a retro aesthetic. As soon as the autumn and winter seasons arrive, the trendy people will put on their bodies one after another, and realize the “air force dream” on the streets.

Today’s popular flight jackets are usually related to the MA-1. They are made of classic sage green, and the lightweight nylon design is more comfortable to wear. It became popular in the folk after the 1970s. Not only do punk youth like it, but Hollywood cool king Steve McQueen also carried goods on his body.

King Thai wearing a bomber jacket is more pleasing to the eye than wearing a vest, and Sinina is also neat and stylish. Many bomber jackets have a combination pocket on the left arm because the pilot uses different colored pens to mark the position on the drawing.

Saint Laurent, Amiri, Gucci, CDG. . . There are similar models, and the material is light and at the same time can elongate the proportion of the body.

All the way to the present, there are more and more styles of bomber jackets and more and more materials. Loro Piana’s classic Traveller bomber jacket is made of specially processed double-sided cashmere for water resistance, while the unlined construction and cashmere rib knit sleeves fit snugly like a cardigan, keeping the chill out while being lightweight.

The style of this Wilton bomber jacket is more retro, the specially processed fabric is soft and has a slight matte effect, and the old touch is more casual and uninhibited.

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