What Animal Has the Strongest Bite?

If you have ever been walking through the woods and worried about what animal has the strongest bite, you may just be safer in the woods than a swamp. While any animal bite can be scary, wild animals may seriously endanger your life. If you have ever been nipped by a domestic dog, cat or your pet hamster, this is nothing compared to the bit of a wild animal. Animal bites are actually measured in “pounds per square inch”  (psi) which is the force that their jaw closes down when biting. The weight of the animal delivering the bite is also taken into consideration. These two factors will give you the bite force of an animal. To put what animal has the strongest bite into perspective, a domestic dog has a bite force of around 200 to 300 psi. There are wild animals out there that deliver a much more powerful bite. Come and find the strongest bite force in animal kingdom!

What Animal Has the Strongest Bite?

Our top contender for the strongest bite force is actually a crocodile. They are known for one of the strongest bite forces among all living animals. It is believed that their bite force may rival that of a T. Rex.


Saltwater Crocodile

Bite Force: 3700 to 7700 psi

Average Size: 17 feet (male)

Average Weight: 1,000 pounds

Average Life Span: 70 years

Found in: Brackish and fresh water in eastern India, southeast Asia and northern Australia

The saltwater crocodile, the largest living crocodile on earth is the most likely animal to eat humans. These very large animals feed on monkeys, sharks, water buffalo and wild boar. They have an ability to leap from the water using their tail as a spring, grab their victim in their jaws, dragging it under water and drowning it.

The saltwater crocodile has a jaw force that can crush a full grown cow's skull with its jaws. This animal has an incredibly strong bite force because of the nature of the jaw structure. The skull contains a very large and stiff jaw muscle that resembles bone when touched. This muscle is so hard that it almost blends in the actual skull. It is situated for clamping and contrary to what you might think. They actually have a harder time opening their jaws than closing them.


Nile Crocodile

Bite Force: 5000 psi

Average Size: 16 feet

Average Weight: 500 lbs

Average Life Span: 45 years

Found In: Swamps and freshwater marshes in the Nile Basin, Madagascar Rivers and Sub-Saharan Africa

This is Africa’s largest crocodile and has a reputation as a man-eater. They usually dine on fish, but have been known to attack anything in their way like zebra, hippos, cheetah, jackals, birds and even lions. They do have teeth, but they do not use them to tear the flesh of their prey. The teeth are used for holding the pretty in place. It is the force of the jaw that grips their dinner and pulls it into the water for drowning and dining by other crocodile.


American Alligator

Bite Force: 2125 psi

Average Size: 10 to 15 feet

Average Weight: 1,000 lbs

Average Life Span: 35 to 50 years

Found In: Mostly swamps, rivers, marshes and lakes in the southeastern United States. Heaviest population in Louisiana and Florida and sparsely in other states

Interestingly enough, there are only two species of alligator in the world and the American alligator is one. The other surviving species is the Chinese alligator. Their diet is mostly made up of snakes, turtles, fish and other small animals. They have been known to eat humans and pets. These alligators have very sharp teeth along with powerful jaw muscles that grab prey. They can sometimes prey and bite humans and often cause severe injury and infection.

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