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Ariana Grande Used Glinda the Great Witch Swirls to the 2024 Oscars

Though Glinda the Great Witch hasn’t made her method to the cinema right now, Ariana Grande still needed to recognize her at the largest evening in movie theater. The 2024 Oscars notes the initial honor reveal that the huge pop celebrity has actually attended this year– avoiding the Grammys and Golden Globes, potentially to concentrate on the launch of her upcoming, film-inspired cd, Everlasting Sunlight. Although we missed her on the red carpetings of honor reveals past, seeing her at the Oscars funneling her very prepared for Worthless personality heated our heart.

Nevertheless, once we took our eye off the couture dress, we understood her hair was equally as excellent (witch). Slicked back limited behind her right into a bun of kinds, she crinkled all the brilliant blonde hairs protruding from it right into limited, lively coils. The swirls foraged her shoulders and neck as she postured. After that, a couple of face mounting bits included much more form and dramatization to the appearance. Standing out numerous inches past her head, the swirls provided us Glinda the Great Witch mosts likely to senior prom.

Grande maintained her make-up timeless and extravagant, obviously, additionally going hefty on the pink. Grande’s skin provided a natural-matte base for her pink lips to radiate. After that, her eyes included additional dramatization with a thick stroke of lining and lengthy slender lashes.


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