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Corn starch for Hair Is the Dry Hair Shampoo Choice You Never Ever Recognized You Required

When you consider corn starch, possibilities are your mind mosts likely to the cooking area. However it ends up that this component belongs in your elegance closet, as well, as corn starch has advantages that resolve a variety of hair problems. It’s an easily accessible, low-cost component that– while best referred to as a do it yourself option to completely dry hair shampoo– really has a variety of objectives to enhance the feel and look of your hairs. We talked to 2 licensed trichologists to obtain all the information, from the advantages to just how to utilize it. Maintain reviewing to discover all you require to find out about corn starch for hair.

Fulfill the Professional

  • Meerika Khanna is a licensed trichologist, aesthetic formulator, and the creator of hair care brand name Rthvi.
  • Megan Brooks is a licensed trichologist at IHS Hair Substitute London.

Corn Starch for Hair

Kind of component: Absorptive

Key advantages: Includes quantity, expands laundry time, takes in sebum, and reduces frizz

That need to utilize it: Any person with oily hair, straight or curly hair, or loosened swirls. It’s not excellent for limited swirls or coils, delicate scalps, or completely dry hair kinds.

Just how frequently to utilize it: Daily to once a week

Functions well with: Sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil

Do not utilize with: Dry hair shampoo

What Is Corn starch?

Corn starch is a soft, white powder made from corn, divided from the heart of the bit. It’s generally made use of in food preparation as a flour option or thickener, and for hair, the component can take in excess oil, increase quantity, and a lot more.

Advantages of Corn Starch for Hair

Corn starch can do a range of fantastic points for your hair, with one of the most noteworthy being oil absorption, developing a safety obstacle, and increasing quantity. A lot more concerning these and various other advantages are as adheres to:.

  • Takes care of sebum: “Corn starch is a reliable solution for the overflow of sebum, especially for those with oily scalp and hair,” describes licensed trichologist Meerika Khanna. “The outstanding oil-absorbing residential properties assist manage excess oil and sebum.” Licensed trichologist Megan Brooks includes that “the penalty, fine-grained appearance of corn starch serves as a sponge, holding on to the oils that can make your hair show up oily and limp.”
  • Calms your scalp: If you have a scratchy scalp, corn starch could assist you locate alleviation. “It can assist reduce irritability and itching, making it an ideal alternative for those with delicate or dandruff-prone scalps,” Brooks informs us.
  • Secure wetness: Despite the climate, corn starch can assist. “When related to your hair, it creates a safety obstacle that secures in hydration,” Brooks states. “This assists to avoid extreme wetness loss, making your hair much less susceptible to dry skin, frizz, and damages.” She includes that it likewise assists the follicle to lay level as opposed to remaining increased and open, while Khanna keeps in mind that it’s especially efficient for frizz in damp problems.
  • Includes quantity: Limp hair obtains an increase with making use of corn starch. “For those with great or slim hair looking for to enhance volume and quantity, corn starch is an all-natural volumizer,” Khanna states. “It presents visible quantity by raising the origins and including volume to the hair.”
  • Prolongs time in between laundries: Most of us have days when we prefer to utilize completely dry hair shampoo than invest additional time in the shower, and corn starch can work as an option. “Corn starch functions fantastic as an all-natural completely dry hair shampoo and assists extend the periods in between hair cleans,” Khanna informs us. “It properly rejuvenates hair, decreasing the demand for constant cleaning.”
  • A chemical-free option: Lots of completely dry hair shampoos have a host of components that you can not also articulate– you could keep in mind if you were adhering to the current recall. “Dry hair shampoo has actually come to be an immediate go-to for lots of hair treatment regimens, yet industrial alternatives can include chemicals and aerosols that might not appropriate for all hair kinds or the setting,” Brooks describes. She states that corn starch is much less most likely to create irritability than completely dry hair shampoo as a result of its calming nature.

While corn starch is a family component and not particularly created hair care, you do not require to purchase any kind of unique variation of it to utilize on your scalp or hair, and the normal box or tin you locate at the supermarket will certainly do simply great. So if you currently have it in your cooking area, do not hesitate to attempt it at any time you run out completely dry hair shampoo or intend to have a look at the advantages.

Hair Kind Factors To Consider

While you could ask yourself if corn starch is just appropriate for extremely oily scalps, it can really be helpful for a vast selection of hair kinds. While it’s fantastic for oily hair, it can likewise assist penalty and kinky hair, in addition to directly, wavy, and freely curly structures. It benefits any individual looking for quantity: “It includes quantity and appearance to or else dull locks,” Brooks informs us. “By spraying a percentage of corn starch onto the origins and rubbing it in, you can immediately raise the hair and develop the impression of thicker, fuller hairs.”.

For wavy, curly, or kinky hair, “corn starch’s texturizing residential properties include hold and framework to your hair, making it simpler to design and control,” Brooks states. “It can assist specify swirls or waves, offering your hair a smoother and a lot more sleek appearance.”.

Corn starch isn’t for every person, though: If your scalp is completely dry, contaminated, or susceptible to dandruff, you need to prevent it. “Corn starch’s moisture-absorbing residential properties can intensify dry skin, making it improper for people looking for hydration,” Khanna advises. She states to prevent it if your scalp is extremely delicate, as well: “Delicate scalps might respond adversely to item accumulation or inappropriate usage, calling for mindful application and detailed elimination to avoid pain.”.

If you have color-treated hair, corn starch isn’t excellent for you. “Corn starch is a white fine-grained material, which can leave a noticeable deposit on tinted hair, making it look boring or ashy,” Brooks informs us. “If you have vibrant-colored hair, beware when making use of corn starch.”.

Last but not least, prevent corn starch if you have limited swirls or coils: “People with extremely limited or limited swirls might locate it testing to disperse corn starch equally as a result of the special appearance of their hair,” Brooks describes. “Using powders like corn starch might result in irregular outcomes and make it challenging to attain the wanted result.”.

Exactly How to Make Use Of Corn Starch for Hair

As an absorptive component, corn starch is something you’ll normally relate to your origins, yet you can likewise utilize it on the sizes of your hair for quantity or frizz control. Marginal preparation is required, also, so all you require is to have it accessible prior to attempting the listed below usages.

  • As a pre-shampoo scalp therapy: Khanna states to “use a cornstarch-based scalp mask to assist manage excess sebum manufacturing” prior to shampooing, clarifying that “this mask can be particularly helpful for those with oily scalps.” To make the mask, “mix corn starch with water to develop a paste, relate to the scalp, and leave it on for a couple of mins prior to washing extensively,” she informs us.
  • As completely dry hair shampoo: Probably among one of the most usual uses corn starch for hair, the component functions well for oil control as a completely dry hair shampoo. To utilize it, Brooks states to very first brush or detangle your hair, after that “begin with a percentage of corn starch– concerning a tsp or much less, relying on the size and density of your hair.” Afterwards, just “put the corn starch right into your hands or utilize a tiny container to manage the quantity,” and “utilizing your fingertips, carefully massage therapy it right into the origins of your hair, concentrating on locations that often tend to obtain oily or where you intend to include quantity.” She includes that “if you have great hair, this is normally at the crown and along the parting.” Afterwards, disperse the item with a brush or comb to prevent white places.
  • To enhance quantity: Including corn starch straight to your conditioner can provide you an increase of quantity. “Mix a percentage of corn starch with your normal conditioner,” Khanna states. “Use this mix to your hair, concentrating on the origins and locations where you prefer a lot more quantity. Wash it out extensively to appreciate a large result.”
  • To minimize frizz: If you’re aiming to minimize frizz on damp days or otherwise, a corn starch rinse can be a reliable means to do so. “Produce a corn starch rinse by blending it with water till it creates a fluid service,” Khanna describes. “After shampooing and conditioning, put the corn starch rinse over your hair. It serves as an all-natural frizz control technique, assisting to keep smoother and a lot more convenient hair.”

The Last Takeaway

Corn starch’s absorbing residential properties have actually made it preferred as a completely dry hair shampoo option, yet it likewise has a number of various other advantages, from increasing quantity to accomplishing smoother hairs. While it functions throughout a large range of hair kinds and is relatively basic to utilize, those with completely dry or delicate scalps, color-treated hair, or curly and coily hair kinds might intend to prevent it or wage care, as the component can create irritability or job versus your hair’s look in these situations. That being stated, for those it functions well for, corn starch is a cost effective, multi-purpose component that can provide your hair an increase whether you run out specific items or trying to find an at-home service.


  • Just how do you make corn starch for hair?

    To utilize corn starch as a completely dry hair shampoo, you do not require to blend it with anything– it’s excellent as is. To utilize it as a hair mask for quantity, include a percentage to your conditioner.

  • Is corn starch great for low-porosity hair?

    Yes, corn starch can function well on low-porosity hair.

  • Does corn starch shed its performance?

    Corn starch does not shed its performance gradually, as long as it’s not run out. Constantly examine your items for “finest by” days, yet corn starch needs to last for many years in the cabinet.

  • Does corn starch have recovery residential properties?

    Corn Starch does not have any kind of recovery residential properties. That stated, it might assist relieve an aggravated scalp, as long as your scalp isn’t completely dry or contaminated.

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