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Watermelon Can Make Your Pores and skin Look Juicy and Plump, In response to Dermatologists

Hydrating, candy, and tinged with nostalgia, watermelon is a shining star on this planet of fruit. Nevertheless, its enchantment does not finish there. Watermelon is a standout within the magnificence business as nicely—particularly skincare. Many topical formulation make the most of the candy fruit for its hydrating and soothing properties (suppose: Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow AHA Night time Therapy or Cocokind’s Watermelon Hemp Oil), and we predict we’ll see extra watermelon-infused merchandise within the years to come back. To be taught extra about why watermelon is helpful in skincare, we requested three board-certified dermatologists to fill us in. Maintain studying to find out about the entire advantages of watermelon in skincare.

Meet the Skilled

  • Wendy Lengthy Mitchell, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist at Manhattan Dermatology and a scientific assistant professor on the NYU Grossman Faculty of Medication.
  • Rebecca Marcus, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist and founding father of Maei MD.
  • Michelle Henry, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist and founding father of Pores and skin & Aesthetic Surgical procedure of Manhattan.

What Is Watermelon?

Watermelon, or Citrullus lanatus, is a big, candy fruit primarily comprised of water. Particularly, it incorporates almost 92% water and seven.55% of carbohydrates. That is what makes this standard fruit extraordinarily hydrating and refreshing to eat. Ingesting watermelon additionally provides many well being advantages as it’s wealthy in lycopene, vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants.As a skincare ingredient, watermelon has just a few potential advantages: it is moisturizing, might cut back irritation, and is wealthy in antioxidants that present promise for pores and skin well being (extra on that forward).



MAIN BENEFITS: Boosts hydration, helps forestall untimely growing older, maintains pores and skin elasticity, and reduces irritation.

WHO SHOULD USE IT: Normally, it’s protected for all pores and skin sorts. After all, if you’re allergic to watermelons, it’s best to keep away from it.

HOW OFTEN IS TYPICAL USE: A couple of times a day.

WORKS WELL WITH: Hydrators and barrier boosters.

DON’T USE WITH: Watermelon has no recognized counter-indications.

Advantages of Watermelon for Pores and skin

  • Wealthy in vitamins and antioxidants: “Watermelon incorporates many essential vitamins which might be helpful for the pores and skin,” Dr. Mitchell says. She factors out that watermelon incorporates nutritional vitamins A and C, which can assist uninteresting or broken pores and skin. Watermelon additionally incorporates one other highly effective and skin-protecting antioxidant known as lycopene. “These antioxidants assist neutralize free radicals generated by UV radiation and environmental pollution,” Dr. Henry provides. “By defending the pores and skin from oxidative stress, watermelon might help forestall untimely growing older, preserve pores and skin elasticity, and promote a younger look.”
  • Moisturizing: Watermelon is so refreshing on a sizzling summer season day due to its excessive water content material. For this identical motive, watermelon skincare merchandise can moisturize and assist fight dry pores and skin. “When utilized topically, it will possibly assist replenish pores and skin moisture, bettering hydration ranges and decreasing dryness and roughness,” Dr. Henry says. Moreover, Dr. Marcus explains that watermelon seed oil incorporates linoleic acid and arachidic acid, that are fatty acids that assist preserve the cell membrane. They might assist soothe the pores and skin and enhance its elasticity.
  • Reduces irritation and pimples: Watermelon skincare merchandise are wealthy in amino acids, which makes them a terrific possibility for acne-prone or infected pores and skin. For some folks, they assist even the pores and skin’s texture, brighten the pores and skin, and even add a pleasant glow, Dr. Mitchell says. “Watermelon incorporates amino acids like citrulline, which have soothing and anti inflammatory results on the pores and skin,” Dr. Henry notes. “When utilized in skincare, watermelon might help alleviate pores and skin redness, irritation, and sensitivity, making it helpful for people with delicate or reactive pores and skin.” For those who stay in a chilly, dry local weather, there’s one other profit, as citrulline may assist shield the pores and skin in these circumstances, Dr. Marcus explains.

Aspect Results of Watermelon

Watermelon is an ingredient that is typically protected and non-irritating for all pores and skin sorts. Nevertheless, in the event you’re allergic to watermelon, it is best to avoid watermelon skincare merchandise. You will additionally need to discontinue utilizing watermelon-infused merchandise in the event you expertise any irritation. And, as at all times, if the irritation persists, seek the advice of with a dermatologist.

How one can Use It

There are various methods you may incorporate watermelon into your skincare routine. It is typically greatest to make use of formulated merchandise that comprise watermelon as an ingredient relatively than making an attempt to make your individual merchandise. This helps make sure the product is efficient, long-lasting, and protected on your pores and skin.

“Skincare merchandise that comprise watermelon extracts or seed oil are formulated to supply secure and standardized concentrations of helpful compounds, making certain constant and dependable outcomes,” Dr. Henry says. “Watermelon seed oil, extracted from the seeds of the fruit, is wealthy in important fatty acids and could be included into facial oils, serums, or moisturizers. It helps to lock in moisture and shield the pores and skin barrier.

Dr. Henry suggests searching for moisturizers, serums, masks, and mists that point out watermelon extract (or Citrullus Vulgaris) or watermelon seed oil inside the ingredient record. Dr. Marcus says it’s possible you’ll expertise the perfect outcomes from utilizing a serum containing energetic concentrations of watermelon’s antioxidant and fatty acid elements. “Energetic concentrations of elements are essential, and even when a product incorporates a sure ingredient, however the focus of that specific energetic is just too low, you will not see an impact,” she says.


  • Does watermelon cut back wrinkles?

    Dr. Henry states, “By defending the pores and skin from oxidative stress, watermelon might help forestall untimely growing older, preserve pores and skin elasticity, and promote a younger look.”

  • Can I apply watermelon on my face day by day?

    Typically, most pores and skin sorts can tolerate topical functions of watermelon every day. Nevertheless, it’s best to observe the directions that pertain to your particular product.

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