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Why Your Hair Takes So Lengthy to Dry—and Find out how to Velocity Up the Course of

Washing your hair is significantly extra daunting when you realize you will must spend a piece of time ready for it to dry. In case your hair is slow-drying, you may spend far too lengthy in an uncomfortable place with a hair dryer or diffuser. Otherwise you may not even hassle, as a substitute struggling by way of a drippy, damp again for the morning or afternoon.

Actually, hair that takes a very long time to dry can lead folks to clean their hair much less usually. “Most of my purchasers with curly hair are likely to keep away from wash day due to the sluggish drying course of,” says curly hair specialist and hairstylist Tiffany Minyon. We spoke with Minyon and hairstylist Leigh Hardges to study why, precisely, your hair may take ceaselessly to dry and how one can assist pace up the method. Learn on for what they instructed us.

Meet the Skilled

  • Tiffany Minyon is a Los Angeles-based hairstylist and a Pulp Riot Educator.
  • Leigh Hardges is a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.

Why Does My Hair Take So Lengthy to Dry?

Most of us usually do not go in-depth when desirous about our hair. We possible know if it is thick or skinny, however we would not pay attention to quite a few different components. Let us take a look at what these are and the way they influence the drying time of your hair.

It is Thick

Whether or not your hair is thick or skinny is the obvious motive it can take roughly time to strive. Thicker hair is bigger—strand by strand—than thinner hair. As such, each bit has extra weight and can, due to this fact, want extra time to dry.

It is Low Porosity

Hair porosity additionally impacts drying time. Excessive-porosity hair dries quicker as a result of water enters and exits it extra simply. Conversely, low-porosity hair is way tougher to saturate, and as soon as moist, it holds on extra strongly to the water. “Low porosity hair takes ceaselessly to dry,” Hardges tells us. “These strands which might be coarser (that means massive in strand diameter) and actually maintain onto water.”

It is Curly or Coily

The curlier your hair, the longer it might take to dry. Minyon tells us that is as a result of “airflow from a hair blow dryer strikes by way of straight to wavy hair strands with ease.” That is not the case with curls, although. “Curls and coils have round actions that create twists and turns within the hair strands, slowing down the airflow,” she says. Whereas straight and wavy hair will possible have a shorter drying time, curly and coily hair will take longer.

It is Dense

Oddly sufficient, you might suppose you’ve gotten thick hair when actually your hair has a excessive density. That is what occurred to me after I first went to a curly hair specialist for a reduce: She defined that my hair strands have been truly on the thinner facet, however my hair was fairly dense, making it seem very thick. The extra density your hair has, the longer the drying time. “Very dense hair takes a very very long time to dry as a result of there are such a lot of strands per sq. inch, and it would not get a lot air,” explains Hardges.

Your Hydration and Product Software

How moist your hair is whenever you start the drying course of after toweling it off, in addition to how a lot product you’ve got utilized to it, can be components. “The quantity of water and product utilized to the hair can have an effect on drying time,” Minyon says. Nevertheless, this is not essentially a nasty factor. “Gradual drying is definitely an indication of wholesome hair,” she says. “Nicely-moisturized hair holds curls higher.”

Find out how to Dry Your Hair Sooner

Now that you just perceive why your hair takes so lengthy to dry, you are most likely questioning if something may be accomplished about it. Fortunately, there are some ideas and methods that may enable you pace up your drying time.

Saturate and Form

This one is very for the curly and coily of us: It could sound counterintuitive, however you truly need your hair to be very moist whenever you add product. From there, the way you place your curls into form may also enhance drying time. “Make sure the curls are totally saturated with water earlier than making use of merchandise,” Minyon recommends. Then, “unfold the merchandise evenly utilizing methods like prayer palms, scrunching, or finger-curling strategies for higher curl definition.” When she used this technique on me, I observed that it took a bit extra time than I used to be used to spending on my curls, however the drying time was shorter, and my curls had unbelievable definition.

Air Dry Earlier than Hitting the Warmth

In case your hair is shorter, you most likely will not want this step, but when it has size to it, it is value taking the additional time to hang around and air dry earlier than utilizing a diffuser or dryer. “Enable mid-length to longer curls to air dry till they’re barely damp earlier than utilizing a diffuser,” advises Minyon. “This helps hold curl sample and construction.”

Use a Fast-Dry Spray

There are merchandise made particularly to hurry up drying time. Hardges likes them and tells us they work properly. “There are a ton of quick-dry merchandise to assist the hair dry quicker, and sure, they actually work,” she says. “Oribe Royal Blowout Spray ($69) and Coloration Wow Velocity-Dry Spray ($24) are my favorites.”

Select the Proper Towel

Anybody who has made the swap from an everyday hair towel to a microfiber one is aware of that the fabric you employ for toweling off your hair makes all of the distinction. Hardges says the proper towel can enhance drying time, and you’ve got decisions past microfiber: “Hair can be dried quicker utilizing a cotton t-shirt or specialty towels suited to soak up moisture and forestall frizz,” she tells us.

And Lastly, Be Affected person

It is vital to do not forget that your hair taking time to dry is by no means a nasty signal. When you can take steps to hurry up the method, know that your hair is probably going in a superb state if it takes time to dry. “Slower drying signifies more healthy hair, whereas fast drying may be indicators of porous or barely broken hair,” explains Minyon. “Endurance is vital when blow drying curls and coils. For wholesome curls, I say sure to the light drying course of for the perfect outcomes.”

The Ultimate Takeaway

Your hair kind is the chief indicator of its drying time, and there are a number of components at play, together with porosity, density, thickness, and curl sample. For instance, “effective hair with low density tends to dry extra rapidly, whereas thicker hair with medium to excessive density takes longer to dry,” says Minyon. The extra slow-drying components your hair has, the longer it can take to dry.

You possibly can pace up the method by correctly making use of product, utilizing a quick-dry spray, selecting the best towel materials, and letting your hair air dry earlier than utilizing electrical warmth. These can all make for a quicker wash day. It is also vital to do not forget that your hair being sluggish to dry is an indication of its well being—so your downside is an efficient one.

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